Meeting the Need…

Our therapy involves an identification of why the self-defeating behaviors are occurring, and then a contextualization of these reasons as a function of what wrong belief systems are in place regarding meeting basic needs. Through discipleship curriculum and ongoing pastoral counseling relative to the curriculum content, the students are able to discover their false beliefs and replace them with a genuine relationship with God.  Students come to us in various states of hopelessness. They have acquired dysfunctional paths, behaviors, and attitudes to satisfy primary needs of security and search for significance.  We believe that a proper relationship with God will meet ALL of those needs.  Therefore the discipleship process is instituted.  Student counseling and education generally involve the integration of principles from various psychological disciplines and with varying philosophical fundamentals.  We embrace the appropriation of this information where it can facilitate discipleship.  Most Christian therapists would state that certainly the goal of any sound therapeutic process is discipleship. Each Student is specially assigned to the caseload of a WATW  Mentor. Along with individual and group counseling, this Mentor is also responsible to ensure a smooth delivery of all of WATW’s services to the student and family. The mentor is the point of contact for the family, available to answer questions and give updates on the students progress.  Group counseling occurs on a regular basis, guided by the pastoral counselors on staff here at WATW.  This time is utilized to allow students an opportunity to confront and resolve commonly faced issues.  Students learn to constructively express their thoughts, ideas, and questions in an environment where each member is accepted and respected.  Group counseling is not utilized to scrutinize individual members or to glorify the past or poor decisions.  Our Bible-based curriculum is designed in such a way to emphasize introspective thinking and works hand-in-hand with our Christian counseling.  Designed for the individual student, the work required encourages our students to examine areas of their lives that are in need of change, change that comes through knowing God – His character and His word. Students are required to complete certain contracts before graduation from our program which is accomplished through meeting daily and weekly goals.  Some of the topics that may be discussed in group include: Positive Peer Influence, Accountability, Conflict Resolution and Personal Responsibility.

Typical Activities include:

Individual Mentoring Sessions, Group Counseling, Group Study Class, Attending Church Services, Choir/Creative Evangelism (sharing our testimonies in unique ways) Fundraising, Household Chores and Contract Work

Typical Daily Schedule:

Leave for Class 8:20 am
Devotions, Praise and Worship 8:30-9:00 am
Class time 9:10-11:35 am
Leave for lunch at 11:45 am
Lunch 12:09 -12:35 pm
Med & Ice call 12:35 -12:45 pm
Back to Class 12:50 pm
Class 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm
Leave to main house 3:35 pm
Work duties 4:00 -4:50 pm
Dinner 5:00 -5:30 pm
Med call 5:30 pm
Art 6:30 -8:00 pm
Night Devotions 9:20-9:50 pm
Bedtime and Lights out 10:00 pm