Sunday October 9th, friends and family came together to celebrate the graduation of Sarah Oliverio.  Sarah (like so many others) was broken when she came to the Well, BUT GOD.  Your support has helped Sarah and so many women like Sarah.

Dear friends I would like to remind you of how your gift changes lives:
Your dollars in action…
May-August (152-days)

  • 9,144-Meals served
  • 17,768-Classroom hours
  • 4,444-Group class hours
  • 3,730-Nights lodging
  • 530-Counseling sessions
  • 735-Group counseling sessions
  • 35-Students admitted into the program
  • 23-Scholarships
  • 22-Baptisms
  • 8-Professions of faith
  • Countless lives touched
    Opportunities to donate to-
    Immediate Needs:
  • Handicap sized toilet
  • 30″ Vanity cabinet
  • 10-Barriers for the pond @ $80-EACH
Hopeful Christmas happenings:
We would love to take the students to Kentucky (over-night) $150 X 7 (rooms)=$1050 to see the Creation and Ark Encounter (arkencounter.com) $60 X 20=$1200 for a total cost for the trip- $2250

*If you would like to donate to these or any other cause for Women at the Well please click the donate now PayPal  button below-



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One comment on “Power Hour

  1. Lena Beth Reynolds on said:

    I just donated $50 to WATW by texting on my phone. It did not give me the opportunity to say that I was responding to my letter from a specific person.